About us

Welcome to Mysterious Estates located in Second Life that was first established in April 2020, bringing you luxurious peaceful living locations.

Check out our peaceful seasonal homes that all come with a meditation stream, complete privacy from spying eyes, and a seasonal environment.

Not looking for a home or feeling stressed?

Visit Snowfalls (URL)

Turn on the stream and adventure around the surroundings of our homes that are filled with nature and wildlife.

Living Benefits

★ Each home is parceled, giving you complete privacy, with a security orb.

★ Enjoy our seasonal environment: Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter.

★ Every tenant can now change their own parcel windlight.

★ Enjoy our relaxing stream or you may use your own.

★ Personal skybox’s can be placed at height 3505.

Snow Falls


Team Management

G13n Resident

Assistant Mgr
Tekila Vella

Interior Designer
Clashry Resident


All residents must follow LL/SL TOS in addition to the Mysterious Estates Covenant.


★ Benefits ★

– Enjoy our seasonal environment: Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter.

– Refer a friend that pays for at least 1-week rent and receive $200L towards your rent.

– Each home is parceled, giving you complete privacy that includes a security orb.

– Listen to our meditation stream or you may use your own.

– Skyboxes are allowed at height: 3505.

★ Not Allowed ★

– Ban lines: Please use our security orbs instead.

– Breedables, Farming, & Clubs are prohibited.

– Animesh is ONLY allowed if you pick it up before you leave, because it takes a MAJOR lag impact on the region’s performance.

– For any removal of landscaping (please contact management if landscaping is inflicting your parcel)

– Abuse, griefing, and bullying will not be tolerated within our estate. You will be given one warning from management before being ejected and banned from all Mysterious Paradise Estates.

– Privacy walls or fences unless they are in the sky 3500 height.

★ Tier / Payments ★

– Rent is due weekly; all properties are subject to an initial one week rental term at minimum.

– To pay: right-click to pay the CasperLet Rental System (mailbox) at the front of your home.

– If you are leaving, please remove all your belongings, then press your letterbox -> won’t renew.

– Hover Text on your letterbox ~ If you prefer your letterbox to show/remove the remaining weeks left of your rent as a hover text, please contact G13n resident..

★ Late Rent, Refunds & Lease Termination ★

– If you are running late on rent and need an extension, please contact management BEFORE your timer expires. Otherwise after 2 weeks of non-payment, we will terminate your lease.

– Refunds will only be issued in the case of an estate closure.

– Management may terminate your lease at any time if any of the rules outlined in the covenant or LL / SL TOS are broken.

★ Current Issues ★

– COVID19 ~ If you are having difficulties paying your tier in these struggling times, please let us know. We will try our best to assist you.

– Our neighbors that aren’t related to our estate may rez things that interfere with our estate for example huge buildings or off-sims that do not blend in with our landscaping. Please right click on these items, press More, More, Derender, then add it to your blacklist.

★ Prim Counter ★

– To see how many prims you are using, find your CasperLet Rental System (mailbox) located at the front of your home, then select “UPDATE PRIMS”, and after a few moments, a dialogue will appear in local chat.

– If you go over your prim limit, you will get a warning from our system.

– If you continue to go over your prim limit, regardless of warnings, your lease will be subject to termination.

★ Rezzing ★

– You must be wearing our “Mysterious Estates” group to rez.

– If you wish to allow your friends to rez, click on your CasperLet Rental System (mailbox) > tenants > add/remove a tenant.

– Please keep in mind; you are responsible for any items rezzed by your tenants.

– Unattended or unauthorized items rezzed not inside of your home will be returned immediately without warning.

– At the end of your lease, you will be automatically removed from the land group, please do not take this personally, its automatic.

★ Furnished Homes ★

– If you want some items taken out, please contact G13n resident.

★ Security System Orb ★

Your Security system is located under your mailbox inside of a key.

– Touch the white circle on the key to activate a menu.

– Turn on security orb by pressing “ARM”.

– Add/Remove friends by pressing the access > guests > add/remove.

– Ban/Unban people by pressing the access > banned > add/remove.

★ Skyboxes ★

Do you need a skybox?

– While inside of your home please type this in local chat: gth 3505 (This will take you to 3505 height where you may rez your skybox.)

– The prim you are currently standing on is measured to be within your parcel/home line.

– Please note all Skyboxes MUST be above 3500m in the sky.

★ Stream ★

Our Stream: https://www.MysteriousEstatesSL.com/winterstream

– You can change your parcel stream while wearing our group tag.

– Stand inside of your home. Look at the very top of your viewer and select World/Parcel Details/Sound tab, then type in the URL.

– Please keep in mind you must only do this while inside of your home, please do not change the public stream.

★ Neighbors & Community Areas ★

All areas outside of private parcels are considered community areas. The areas surrounding your parcel have been beautifully landscaped to match the theme of your estate. We encourage residents to explore these public spaces and enjoy our many amenities.

★ Notes ★

– If parts of the sim aren’t loading, first try right-clicking on it, if this does not work, set your Objects LOD to 4.0 in Preferences > Graphics > General.

– If you cannot rez please try the following: 
(1) Make sure you are wearing your group tag. 
(2) Try rezzing a box prim, then all your items on top of it.
(3) Try rezzing in a different area, example inside your house or backyard.  

★ Feedback ★

We appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have to improve our services.

Please visit https://www.MysteriousEstatesSL.com/feedback

★ Support ★

– Please contact Glen (G13n resident) or Tekila (Tekila Vella)

– Website: https://www.MysteriousEstatesSL.com/

Friends of ours

These following estates belong to friends of ours.
If we do not have your dream home available, please check out the following which may have something that you desire.

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